immersive music

You will never listen to music as you were used to. As soon as you will have listened to the ambitious immersive music of ZOPKE, you will be taken to another world. Energic electronic vibes, good guitar riffs, and a 3D Sound that surrounds you: good music, that simple.


But what is immersive music? This is a way of hearing the music as a big wave that flows all around you. Close your eyes, and you will be feeling like you’re traveling through many pictures. But if you open your eyes again, you're still home, just chilling. Indeed, immersive music can be perfectly listened to on usual devices. That's why ZOPKE uses 'binaural' and Dolby Atmos technique to mix his music, to make sure that you can enjoy perfect sound and get all the pleasure of it with any kind of equipment.


If you haven't already listened to his first EP 'Dream' released in 2018, don't wait any more time. With his new track 'Believe', ZOPKE is pushing the experience even further. Currently working on immersive music shows supported by visual effects as well, ZOPKE continues to create. Producer, sound engineer and musician, he is basically comfortable in such many music genres, that its immersive music can be mixed with other aesthetics as well. Its talent and hardworking profile deserve massive support and attentive listening.